A Good Site For Bad Ads

I'm quite sure I have seen this site before in a previous iteration but I know I have not seen it since I began this blog. The site is called BadAds.Org and the purpose of the site is to inform the public about the types of ads that are out there what the definition of a bad is is. According to the site, a bad ad is:

1. You can't turn it off. You can close a magazine and turn off the television, but billboards tower overhead night and day.

2. It enters your home without permission. Pardon me, Mr. Telemarketer, may I see your invitation?

3. You're a captive audience. This can be in schools, in movie theaters, at a urinal, or waiting for your receipt at the ATM.

4. It doesn't support anything, or it costs you money. Radio ads support free programming, but you pay, directly or indirectly, for faxed ads and junk e-mail.

In addition to this definition, there are sections on each advertising that includes an explanation as well as resources to help minimize the "badness". I think this site is a valuable service to consumers since, in most cases, it is the consumer that determines what is defined as an acceptable form of advertising. This site provides a forum for the creation of that definition.

It is also of great value to advertisers to know what the acceptable limits, as defined by the consumer, are. We all know that there are forms of advertising out there that are simply horrible. BadAds is not an ad slamming site as I see it. It is a site that brings clarity to the definition of acceptable consumer advertising. Are we marketers going to heed all of it's advice? Of course not. We are marketers after all:) But it pays to know what you are up against.


by Steve Hall    Oct- 1-02   Click to Comment   

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