Access Speed Not Related to Propensity to Pay

I don't really know if this is all that earth shattering. It's really common sense. Just because you can get something easier (i.e. faster) does not mean you are more likely to want to pay for it. Quality is quality no matter how you pull it in. So we should all stop with the "Just wait till broadband has higher penetration" or the "we can make more money off broadband" excuses for not being more creative with our content.

Tom Hespos deals with this topic in his OnlineSpin article.

And a new Forrester study covers this too as reported in eMarketer

Value of Online Content Not Related to Bandwidth

Greater bandwidth on the PC and the mobile phone will open up greater opportunities for content providers, but it would be perilous to look at broadband as the panacea for online content. Bad content is no more interesting, just because we can see it in moving pictures. Internet users will pay for quality content and services that are unique, have few free alternatives and are tailored to particular users and particular platforms.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct- 3-02  
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