All Masha All The Time

Masha, you are now more famous then ever. Not only are you one of the most insightful industry commentators out there, now you are an Adbabe! AdBumb. AdBabe. Pretty cool!

Blatantly stolen from the AdBumb:

Executive Summary Blog
Review of Media Post's Forecast 2000
And at least MediaPost, in Masha Geller, features one of the hottest babes in the e-media sector (and I hung out with her and her delightful cousin over the course of several cocktails Wednesday night, which I mention just in the hopes it might make the sorry little AdBumb cry).

This almost made me blow my morning coffee out my nose. This guy is funny and while I didn't go to the event, his review is hilarious. I have to thank Masha for actually point this out to me...She's really a sweetheart!

Online Minute: A rose by any other name...
With Masha Geller, Adbabe
Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, here�s the part that attracted this nitpicking cynic�s attention: the IAB suggests that what we�ve come to know and love as �streaming media� is really �Interactive Broadcasting.�

I got to really start respecting the woman who has been taking on the IAB also, despite them being an advertiser in MEDIA magazine. I'm thinking that our little chats have been influencing her for the best... well, hopeful thinking here. More than likely, like most of the industry she is starting to see what the IAB is.. a posturing bunch of non-advertising companies with no interest in helping online advertising. Go Masha!!!


by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-02   Click to Comment   

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