Can Blogs Make Money? Should They?

This article by Andrew Sullivan is the most informative and insightful piece I have seen on the topic of blogs and their place in the world of capitalism. One important point he puts forth is this. Should we even try to make them profitable? He then goes on to discuss the benefits other then profit that blogdom can offer. One, is raising one's individual stature within their profession.

I can see this personally myself. Having started AdRants only last March, I can still be considered quite new at this. However, I have found myself entering a circle of very well known and very well respected marketers who also happen to be bloggers themselves. In fact, we are in the middle of preparing the launch of a group blog which we sometimes refer to as a "collabog". It will be a collaborative effort among several marketing focused bloggers who will make it a point to distill relevant marketing related news and present it in a quick, informative, and irreverent manner.

Will this endeavor ever make money? Who knows? Who cares? It's not my purpose for doing it. My important question is: Would I ever have had the opportunity to even be part of a project like this had I not had a blog of my own in the first place? Of course not. It's the blog that got me here. It's the blog that opened that door and gave me the exposure for others to judge for themselves whether I was worthy enough to be part of a collaborative marketing effort. In essence, would they want to associate with me?

And on it goes. After the launch of this project, what will come next? In my opinion, it will only get better. More doors will open and more opportunities will occur.

So it's really not about the money at this point. It's about everything else. It's fascinating.

Blog on...

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-02   Click to Comment   

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