Ted Kennedy Called Me

So there I was, sitting on the couch reading the Boston Globe (yes, I still get some of my news from the dead tree version) and the phone rings. I say hello and there it is! The all telling, telltale sign of a telemarketing call...the short period of silence. My blood boils, my finger starts to move towards the Off button and then I hear it. The booming voice of Ted Kennedy, "Hello, this is Ted Kennedy and I am calling to ask your support for Shannon O'Brien blah, blah, blah..." (she is running for governor in MA).

I have had several of these calls from other politicians but none as well known as Ted. As hard as I tried, I could not hang the phone up. I mean it was Ted Kennedy's voice! Oh sure, it was some auto-dial recording coming from somewhere but it was still cool. The coolest thing was that the message was so on point. So straight forward. So no bullshit in it's approach. And, it was short. Not even 30 seconds.

While I detest all forms of telemarketing especially this new political form, I simply could not hang the phone up. Maybe it was the fact that the message was concise. Maybe it was Ted Kennedy's voice. Maybe I was just lazy this morning. Whatever it was, they got through to me. Who knows if I will vote, but Shannon O'Brien is now top of mind to me as a candidate for governor.

I hate telemarketing but this time it worked on this cynical writer.


by Steve Hall    Oct-25-02   Click to Comment   

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