The Pop Up of Today's Business Meetings

So now we are just getting used to cell phones ringing in church and at the start of symphonies. But what about that wonderful little device called Blackberry? It's a great tool. Stay in touch with your corporate email no matter where you are.

As reported in this article, you have one third of every person in every meeting not paying attention to the speaker but hunched over thumbing their blackberry. It's like a pop up slapped in the face of the person running the meeting. We've just lost all form of manners these days. Is connectivity really THAT important? I think it has more to do with SELF importance. The world is not going to end if you can't check your email during a 45 minute meeting. You are really not that important.

Does this have anything to do with advertising? Not really. It just bothers me.

The BlackBerry, a popular wireless e-mail device, is boosting efficiency - and creating a big distraction

Attend almost any business meeting these days, many executives gripe, and at least one-third of the people are staring into their laps, reading the screens of their BlackBerries, and zapping out responses with their thumbs on the tiny keyboard.


by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-02   Click to Comment   

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