Times Square Coke Sign to Come Down

Coke Sign Goes Dark in the Heart of Times Square.

"After 11 years of teasing parched New Yorkers, the animated Coca-Cola sign in Times Square is dark. Eventually it will be replaced by a more advanced-looking Coke display, the company said."

I guess it's all in the name of commercialism. Who can have the biggest and best sign.

I noticed something very interesting about Times Square and America in general on the eve of the new millennium. There were TV shots from all over the world. All the major cities celebrating the new millennium on an hour by hour roll. What I noticed was how beautiful all these cities all over the world looked. Except NYC.

Now I'm not NYC bashing here but most every other city in the world was not adorned with Vegas style billboards. You were actually able to appreciate the beauty of the cities themselves. I wonder what the rest of the world thought when they saw this stark contrast as well.

We are a commercialist country and with commercialism goes adverting but we have really taken it into a whole other realm. A realm that could only occur here in America.

Good or bad, it's who we are.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-02   Click to Comment   

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