Watch Out Broadcasters

A recent study on the penetration of DTV set top boxes and PVR's:

PVR Market Projections

According to a recent report from Strategy Analytics, the worldwide digital television set-top box market will rise from 970,000 units this year to over 29 million by 2008. Strategy explains that by 2008, 21 million digital TV set-top boxes will be "basic" personal video recorders (PVRs) making satellite connections and 8.01 million will be "broadband media centers" making cable connections.

Not that this report is a surprise, but if the broadcasters and advertisers react to this trend as slowly as they have to the change over to HDTV, we are all in big trouble. Television advertising is going to change drastically over the next five years and old models are going to die a fast death.

See my earlier post on one possible future of advertising


by Steve Hall    Oct- 9-02   Click to Comment   

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