Fun at @d:tech

Shameless Who's Who @d:tech People Round Up from Executive Summary:

Ladies and Gentleman, the Internet advertising industry is back. That's my assessment from spending all day at @d:tech yesterday. I know CMR just reported that the Internet ad industry was suffering worse than the rest of the ad world, but I've never believed that CMR truly gets this industry. At least I've never partied with any of their execs at an @d:tech event. And last night, let me tell you, NY was partying like it was 1999.

But, did any business get done? And...I want to know more about this:

"...getting drank under the table (at) Modem Media's happening party by perhaps the loveliest old timer, who must remain nameless on threat of severe physical violence, which at this point I wouldn't put past her."

Sounds like a missed a good party!


by Steve Hall    Nov-19-02   Click to Comment   

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