Media And The Next Generation

In an article on MSNBC by Michael Rogers, dramatic changes in how teenagers, who do not know a world without the internet, will consume media. The changes will be quite radical and they are just around the corner.

There is always change from generation to generation. But this pending change in the way people will consume media is so big that when the 15 year old of today becomes the 30 year old business person and consumer of tomorrow, they will find it unfathomable how we could actually get through daily life with the "lame" conventions of today. It will be a dramatic change to say the least.

Now the Watts Wackers of the world know this but are you ready for it? Are you ready to completely change the way you communicate via marketing? Because what works today will be dead on arrival in 5-10 years.


by Steve Hall    Nov-26-02   Click to Comment   

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