The Best E-Marketing News Site

Well that headline is just a tad bit biased but what the hell. It's a little bit of self promotion for a new weblog that I have started with some other marketing associates of mine. The site is called MarketingFix. It's your daily fix for all things e-marketing. News items aggregated into one location so you don't have to. We do the work. You just enjoy the read. You get news and you get our wit and insight. We see a sham, we call it. We see something great, we'll let you know about it first.

Whose behind this? Well, yours truly. Rick Bruner of, John Engler of Inluminent, Robert Loch of DrunkGuerilla and other sites, and Olivier Travers of The End of Free...and other sites.

Enjoy....but don't forget to keep reading adrants too. There will always be different and interesting items here as well.


by Steve Hall    Nov-11-02   Click to Comment   

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