Subaru's Unsafe Advertisement

A reader questions the latest Subaru ad.

Can a Television Commercial be a Threat?

Q. I saw the new television commercial for the Subaru WRX, and I wonder if it will hurt or kill. Don't you think it is an impressively irresponsible ad?

A. I've seen that commercial, and I think it ought to be pulled. It's one thing to let potential customers know you offer a zippy performance car. I get whacked occasionally by readers for being over-enthusiastic about certain hot cars. But it is flat out dangerous to show two young men, as this commercial does, doing exactly the things we tell young drivers they should not do: hurtle around a twisting road, driver looking over to chat with seat mate, driver distracted by the sound system, the rev and the hiss of the auto conveying adventure rather than possible doom.


by Steve Hall    Dec-15-02    

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