Diet Coke is on the Agency Move Again

The Diet Coke brand is taking its $75 million U.S. advertising account to Foote, Cone & Belding.

AdWeek: Diet Coke Parts Ways with Lowe


by Steve Hall    Dec-20-02    

New Tween Magazine Launches

It's Maxim for Tweens. Well, not really. There's no cleavage and no rock stars. It's basically a manga comic book. It is currently published in Japan with a circulation of 3.4 million. The premiere issue launched in November with a newsstand circulation of 300,000. The demographic focus of the magazine is boys age 12-17. Charter advertisers are the Cartoon Network, Konami, and 4Kids.

MediaPost: Shonen Jump Targets Teens


by Steve Hall    Dec-20-02    

AOL Loses on Advertising Wins With Patent

Maybe losing on ad revenues isn't so bad for AOL. As a consolation, that have pulled out a patent that states they have ownership over instant messaging. While they say they have no plans to do anything with it at this point, imagine what would happen if they did. Interestingly, they also have patents to Cookies and SSL (guards online transaction).

What's to stop AOL from cashing in on this with huge fees to make up for their current financial woes?

Media Life: AOL wins instant messaging patent

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-02    

Media Life Best and Worst Poll

Media Life's 2002 Best and Worst poll has named Martha Stewart as the top media villian of the year. Other winner (or losers as it were) are:

1. Maxim as greatest influencer on the content of other media
2. Reality shows as biggest media fad to disappear
3. worst idea for a magazine: Gene Simmons' Tongue Magazine
4. TV show surest sign showing collapse of civilization is near: Joe Millionaire

Read the article and the study. Pure distraction.

Media Life Article: Readers pick Martha as top media villain
Survey Results: Results Summary

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-02    

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