Gawker is Live Today

Gawker is a new ad-supported weblog that focuses on New York Society. This new addition to the thin-media world of the blogosphere will no doubt be a healthy hit for Spiers/Denton/Kottke, Inc. And, another early indicator of potential business models for weblogs.


Gawker is a Manhattan weblog magazine edited by Elizabeth Spiers, designed by Jason Kottke and published by Nick Denton. It is a live review of city news, and by news we mean, among other things, urban dating rituals, no-ropes social climbing, Cond´┐Ż Nastiness, downwardly-mobile i-bankers, real estate porn -- the serious stuff.

Rick Bruner, a MarketingFix partner, has the scoop and more details.

by Steve Hall    Dec-18-02   Click to Comment   

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