Hef Wants to Change Playboy

Hef (his handlers) wants more literature and culture in the magazine and less female pictorials. Says men have changed. Really?

Please, Hef, lay off the Viagra

Has the Viagra Gone to Your Head? This is Playboy.

You don't need New York City to create a buzz. Just keep taking "tasteful" nude pictures of hot girls, and guys will talk about it everywhere:

* Nice guys will talk about it around the office water cooler: "Just got the November Playboy, Kristy Swanson is so hot.

* So will drunken guys at the corner bar: "Did you see the (mildly vulgar description of breasts) on Kristy Swanson?"

* As will working guys on the loading dock: "Holy friggin' crap. Dija see dose (extremely vulgar description of breasts) on Kristy Swanson?"

* And rich old men in the executive board room: "Did you fellows see the November Playboy? I'd like to hire an intern with (disgustingly vulgar description of breasts) like Kristy Swanson's."

When each of them gets home, the only mention of Playboy they'll make to the little woman is how captivated they were by the interview with Rams running back Marshall Faulk.

That's how it's worked for 49 years, Hef. Why let some New Yorker with a bad haircut tell you any different?

Is Senility setting in?


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-02   Click to Comment   

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