Hugh Hefner Sets Things Straight on Changes to Playboy

NPR: On the Media

BROOKE GLADSTONE: You were quoted in a story in the New York Observer last month saying that Playboy was looking to pull back from the explicit nature of its sexuality. How come?

HUGH HEFNER: Well I think that explicit sexuality has less meaning today. You know the speculation after that interview was that I was going to be taking the nudity out of the magazine. Now that is obviously not my intention. But I think that we can do other kinds of things and emphasize other kinds of things in the magazine. What I'm looking for is an appropriate mix that is more satisfying.

BROOKE GLADSTONE: Does that mean no more centerfold?

HUGH HEFNER: No, it certainly doesn't mean no centerfolds.

Good to know.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec- 4-02  
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