Newscast Interupted by Nakedness

We interrupt this newscast to bring you boobs

If no nudes is good news, then Salt Lake City viewers got a dose of the other kind Wednesday morning when the Mormon station KSL-TV station inadvertently cut away from its newscast to footage of bare-breasted women and a man with his hands down his pants. Complaints followed. Producers at the studio didn't know what was happening, as the footage never appeared on their monitors. KSL executives say they have no idea how the racy video made its way into the "Eyewitness News Today" broadcast. In fact, several of the 60 viewers who complained said they could still hear �Eyewitness News� anchor Terry Wood�s voice during the interlude. The station now believes the footage was from HBO�s adult comedy �Mr. Show with Bob and David.� The local cable provider, AT&T, said it could not have been the source of the video, but only AT&T customers saw it.

Sure, it wasn't your fault, AT&T.

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-02   Click to Comment   

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