Staples: The Advertisement is a Joke Stupid

Where have people's sense of humor gone? Seems these days, you can't say even the remotely humorous thing in an ad without some whiney, overly-reactive group complaining and stating that you are insensitive this particular groups blah, blah. We've heard it all before. Have a backbone. Laugh at yourself. See the humor in life.

Apparently the latest television commercial from Staples has made some people mad. Over what? Knitting, Yes, that's right. A rouge band of knitters in Massachusetts has complained to Staples that it portrays knitting in a bad light. The ad itself is harmless. It just pokes fun at those crazy knitted sweaters, hats, and scarves we have all received when what we really wanted was some cool electronic toy. I mean come on. The ad doesn't say knitters are idiots or that they have some inherent psychological problem.

This is like PETA complaining about the California Milk Advisory Board's Happy Cows campaign.

Repeat after me, people: R E L A X....yes RELAX. It's called humor. It's called a joke. It's suppose to be funny. We are all so over the top PC these days that we can't even understand a good joke when we see one. Do we have nothing better to do then to complain about innocuous, harmless and ever so unimportant things such as television commercials? It's a TV commercial. It isn't the President's new defensive missile plan! At least that is worthy of discussion. But a TV commercial? Please. Nothing could be less important in the greater scheme of things.

Here is an opinion on the commercial straight from a Knitter: The Knitting Curmudgeon

Staples Commercial
"Who gives a rat's ass? Honest to God. Sincerely stupid idiots who worry about commercials, that's who. I know what my "image" as a knitter is. Bite me."

Now, there's a healthy outlook. Someone who knows that commercials do not define who you are. You do! So, quit complaining and go live your life.

by Steve Hall    Dec-18-02   Click to Comment   

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