Uh Oh...Too Many Teens See Alchohol Ads on TV

Alcohol Ads on TV Find a Young Audience

Although brewers and distillers say their television pitches are aimed at those age 21 and older, teenagers are receiving a disproportionate share of those messages, said the report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University. Of the 208,909 alcohol commercials on television in 2001 studied by the researchers, they found that nearly a quarter were more likely to be seen by teenagers than by adults, despite the voluntary guidelines minimizing the number of ads viewed by minors.

Problem is, try finding a TV show that only has a viewership of 21 plus. The fact that most kids today are couch potatoes who watch hours of television every day unsupervised by a parent doesn't help either.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec-18-02  
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