Metamucil Keeps Old Faithful Regular

Here's another example of the idiotic reactions that come from harmless attempts at humor in advertising. Here we have a National Park Service ranger getting offended because of a Metamucil ad that claims to keep Old Faithful "regular". Her complaint? She is offended at the implication that Old Faithful needs "help" to keep going.

"To suggest that it's not natural, that it is enhanced by a product, is a little disconcerting," said Suzanne Lewis, superintendent of Yellowstone and chief steward of the park and its geysers.

The park actually received letters complaining about the depiction of Old Faithful as something needing "regulation".

Can people please GET A LIFE!!! I mean for God's sake, it's humor. Have you heard of it? It's supposed to make you laugh. Lighten up and enjoy life, will you?

NYT: Metamucil Ad Featuring Old Faithful Causes a Stir

by Steve Hall    Jan-18-03    

Ad Age Superbowl Advertiser List

Here's the list of Superbowl XXXVII advertisers. It's updated regularly so check back. Also visit for some previews and additional info.

Ad Age: Super Bowl: Who's Buying What 2003

by Steve Hall    Jan-18-03    

Ad Campaign to "Out" Catholic Senators Who Support Abortion

The American Life League is launching ad ad campaign that will name twelve U.S. Senators who are both Catholic and support abortion. The campaign will refer to this group as "The Deadly Dozen".

"For 2,000 years, the Catholic Church has steadfastly defended the sanctity of all human life," said American Life League president Judie Brown. "The simple fact is you cannot actively support abortion and be a faithful Catholic. You can't have it both ways. The Church's teachings on this matter are very clear."

Why do these radical groups, not to mention the Catholic church, always insist upon making everything black and white? No issue is ever that literal and neither is life.

Get over it.

WorldNetDaily: Group to unveil 'The Deadly Dozen' senators

by Steve Hall    Jan-18-03    

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