Chili's Copies Schlotzsky's. Schlotzsky's Give Chilis a Break

Sometimes it happens on purpose. Sometimes it is pure coincidence. This time it was a Chili's ad that ended up looking just like a Schlotzky's ad.

"We cracked up when we saw Chili's new ads that look like ours--same beatbox guy and a strikingly similar set," said John C. Wooley, president and CEO of Schlotzsky's, Inc. "Looks like a clone. Apparently the Raelians have landed at Chili's."

"Of course we're flattered," Wooley was quick to add. "Next year, we'll send our creative team to Chili's and pitch for their lucrative advertising account. We could sure use the money, and it looks like they could use an original commercial."

Wooley has invited the Chili's creative team to Austin TX to have a little fun and to make sure they truly know South Austin culture. If they pass his test, he'll politly let them of the "copyright" hook. Wouldn't it be nice if more situations like this resolved themselves this way?

Yahoo: Chili's Ads Give Nod of Approval to Schlotzsky's Deli Creative Team

by Steve Hall    Jan-20-03   Click to Comment   

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