Former D'Arcy Employees to Handle Philips

Only in the convoluted world of advertising agency mergers and aquisitions could this happen. D'Arcy closed after it's parent, Bcom3, was bought by Publicis. Philips had been handled by D'Arcy. So now Leo Burnett, division of BCom3, wins the Philips account...and staffs the account with former D'Arcy staff. Follow that? Neither did I.

But here's how we, in the ad business make that all sound good:

"The fact that we can maintain the world-class, integrated communications team we had in place and augment it with the added resources of the Leo Burnett network has made the difference in the selection process," said Enderson Guimaraes, head of global brand management for Royal Philips NV, in a statement.


AdWeek: Leo Burnett Gets Philips Brands

by Steve Hall    Jan-15-03   Click to Comment   

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