It's Official: Nextel Launches Ad Review

In typical advertising fashion, Nextel has launched an agency search just as incumbent Mullen's new campaign is kicking off. Seems as though the timing could have been better. Why is it that whenever a client wants to reconsider their marketing direction, the easy answer is a review? Why don't Nextel and Mullen work together and jointly evaluate recent marketing programs as they relate to current market conditions. That would seem to be a logical first step. If the two had a good working relationship, this could easily happen.

Interestingly, Nextel is saying that all is well with Mullen. So why is Nextel having this review?. Why have a review if the relationship and the business are fine? This whole thing is so obvious. Client's have a reviews because they are not happy with their current agency. All this talk from Nextel about things being fine with Mullen is just cover. Obviously, Nextel is not happy.

Mullen will, of course, participate. Too much is at stake. However, unlike politics, the incumbent rarely, if ever wins. It's always an uphill battle.

Having said all that, I hope Mullen wins. Just to prove the whole thing was a waste of time, effort, and money.


by Steve Hall    Jan-10-03   Click to Comment   

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