Weblogs Go Mainstream

If AOL has anything to do with it, it is, by definition, mainstream. Well, AOL is now getting into the weblog world. AOL will be releasing blogging tools in its next software release. There's good and bad to this. The good? Maybe more people will actually understand what a weblog is. The bad? If you think most weblogs are mindless drivel, just wait until there are 10 million AOL based weblogs out there.

Rick Robinson, AOL's vice president of community products, told an interviewer, "There will be a significant (software/feature) release probably in the February time frame ... which will fundamentally alter the way people currently interact in threaded discussions." Essentially confirming a recent Washington Post report, Robinson told Mark Hurst of Creative Good that the AOL Time Warner (AOL) online unit has been looking at offering Weblogs. "It's natural that the blog and the home page would combine. And when you remember that AOL has the largest collection of home pages in the world, it kind of gets interesting," he said.

[via CBS MarketWatch]

by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03   Click to Comment   

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