Fox Over Promotes 'Joe Millionaire'

Just this past Monday night, I tuned into 'Joe Millionaire' for the first time. Not having bothered with the slow and boring initial episodes and after hearing promos that a lot would be revealed in this episode, I figured I could play catch up.

I was dead wrong. Nothing new happened. It was just a big tease-fest. In effect, an hour long promo for the final episode coming Monday.

Because of what Fox did, there are all sorts of complaints and calls for boycotts swirling around message boards and chat rooms.

"We got duped. We totally got duped," viewer Cynthia Wiggin of San Carlos said Wednesday. "Total filler. A whole filler night."

"I really don't know if I am going to watch the last show or not," one person wrote. "At this point I am soooo mad I don't care who wins. Anyone else feel this way?"

"No, I will not watch the finale," read a subsequent posting. "Fox has lied to us, and I feel that they should be punished for that. ... Bad move, guys. It will be a while before I put my trust back into Fox."

I have to say i agree with these people but no way will it make a dent in the final ratings. The tease will still work. If you've followed it this long, you won't be able to NOT watch. Such is the reality of reality television. I hate it but I am going to watch it. One episode and I was sucked in. I'm ashamed to admit it.


by Steve Hall    Feb-13-03   Click to Comment   

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