Google Won't Kill Blogads

Henry Copeland, founder of Blogads, a service that allows placement of advertising on weblogs, comments on the effect Google's purchase of Blogger may have on weblog advertising. While he may be nervous, his Blogads service does offer some unique benefits over what Google Adwords currently offers.

For the forseeable future, we offer bloggers and advertisers certain unique advantages:

a) Bloggers get the bulk of the proceeds from their Blogads sales.

b) Bloggers get to approve every ad before it appears.

c) Advertisers get more options (images, longer text, comments.)

d) Advertisers can use words like "lowest" which are not allowed in Google Adwords.

e) Google kills ads that don't get a 1% clickthru, so its ads are only effective for direct marketers rather than brand-builders.


by Steve Hall    Feb-25-03   Click to Comment   

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