New Tool to Analyze Media Pricing Trends

Agentsmith, a Baltimore based company, has come up with a technology solution to give sellers instantaneous pricing history for use when negotiating with a buyer. The product connects to existing back-end systems to moniter and extract the historical costs for a spot on a particular show, how fast it sold, and the audience delivery figures.

"The challenge was, [media companies] were looking for ways to improve their bottom line. They wanted to be more quantitative . . . and were looking for ways to simplify [pricing] for sales reps," said Michael B. Cooper, Agentsmith's chief executive. "The question for the owner is, 'Is that the right price? Could we have done better?' It's a judgment call by the sales manager. You're leaving it up to humans who use their gut feel."

Look out buyers. Your negotions just might become more intricate.

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-03   Click to Comment   

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