Gawker's View of Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter, in a lengthy Mediaweek profile following his "Editor of the Year" award by Adweek, says, "I have a fashion readership. I have a political readership. I have a literary readership. I have New York's social scene, Hollywood. I have America. I have Europe." What he left out: "I have a readership that consists entirely of baby boomer divorcees who drive matching Astrovans in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I have two guys in a cocktial lounge in Michigan who think the In-and-Out list is "very cheeky." I have a soccer mom in Des Moines whose four-year old slipped the February issue into her shopping cart while she was in the checkout line at Walmart. I have half the Rotary Club in Geneva, Illinois. I have a young woman in the Bloomberg administration who circles my editor's letter references to the smoking ban with a yellow highlighter. And, oh yes, my mother reads it...most of the time." [lifted directly from Gawker]

by Steve Hall    Mar-12-03   Click to Comment   

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