Puma Ads: Not For the Squeamish

So here they are. At first, these ads were thought to be real. To have run in Maxim magazine in Brazil (see below). Then, it was thought to be a viral stunt by PUMA itself. Then, it became known that PUMA had nothing to do with them and that they were just created by someone to have some fun. They are, in fact, fake ads.

Never knew sneakers could be so exciting.

A little chronology:

(1/8/06: A lot of these links are broken because they are external and it's been almost three years since the story originally broke. Sorry.)

1. According to "dabitch" from Adland in my comment section below, the ads are running in Maxim in Brazil. More on that here. (This is now not true)

2. Puma contacts Salon where the ads appeared on reverse cowgirls weblog asking that the ads be taken down.

3. PUMA makes this statement after catching wind of the whole thing:

"It has been brought to our attention that several unauthorized, sexually suggestive advertisements portraying the PUMA brand have been released over the Internet. We are appalled that images like these would be created and distributed under the PUMA name. As a brand, we seek to take a unique perspective toward our advertising in an effort to challenge the boundaries of our industry; however we would never consider using these tactics. We are in the process of researching the circumstances and reserve any legal steps available."

4. They are, in fact, fake as stated in this press statement from PUMA. [via Gawker via Yahoo via WSJ]

5. PUMA sends out Cease and Desist letters to many bloggers.

6. I respond to the Cease and Desist.

7. Gawker responds to the Cease and Desist.

8. A nice summary of the whole thing from Felix Salmon.

9. Gawker offers to organize legal defense for anyone served with cease and desist letters.

[via Reverse Cowgirl via YayHooray!]

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-03   Click to Comment   
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"The puma ads above and below though, we wonder if they ever could run anywhere but possibly Loaded or Maxim.. :)"

Does she say the ran in Maxim or suggest that that's the only place they could run?

Posted by: Norton on January 9, 2006 4:32 AM

They never appeared anywhere.

Posted by: Steve Hall on January 9, 2006 11:55 AM

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Posted by: The Blowjob King on March 31, 2008 11:07 PM