White House Ends Drugs and Terror Ad Campaign

This television campaign lauched just after 911 and equated buying drugs to supporting terrorism. The White House anti-drug office is pulling the campaign following a study that showed the it isn't working.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03    

A Look at Which Shows May or May Not Return

Here is a quick analysis of some of the network dramas that are struggling for survival. Will they be cancelled? Will they return? Read MediaLife's analysis.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03    

A New Twist on Reality Television

Now here's an idea whose time has come: a reality show that actually has some meat to it. NBC will air a new Mark Burnett reality series called The Apprentice. The premise of the series pits 20 people against each other to compete for a six figure salaried job with Donal Trump's company. That's right, a real life, productive career for the winner.

Candidates will live together and be given job assignments which will be evaluated by Trump who will boot the loser each week until the winner is left standing.

The show is planned to air sometime in the Fall.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03    

Neilsen Announces New Qualitative TV Ratings Partnership

NEW YORK, April 1, 2003 -- Scarborough Research and Nielsen Media Research announced today that they have partnered to offer the NSI Profiler�a new qualitative television rating which combines Nielsen Station Index � (NSI) ratings with Scarborough�s qualitative consumer indices.

This combination of Scarborough�s premier qualitative information with the NSI rating � the currency for television audience measurement � enables users to take lifestyle, shopping preference, and other consumer behaviors into account when determining the propensity of a viewer to tune into certain television programs. The NSI Profiler is available through Scarborough�s PRIME NExT data analysis software to all clients who subscribe to both Scarborough Research and Nielsen�s local ratings service.

�In a world where media choices are seemingly limitless, an in-depth understanding of the local television viewer is vital for competing in today�s economy,� said Bob Cohen, president, Scarborough Research. �The creation of this qualitative rating will add a new dimension to the buying and selling process and ultimately improve our client�s return on their investment. As a response to marketplace demands, we are pleased to bring this new measure to our users.�

�The ability to create this new qualitative information is a result of the partnership we forged with Scarborough in 2002,� said Jack Oken, general manager of local service, Nielsen Media Research. �This was the next logical step in advancing our clients� qualitative service. We are pleased to offer our local clients this enhancement.�


by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03    

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Fox Wins Another Week in Ratings

On the strength of American Idol, Fox has captured another win with the 18-49 demo. Fox also took the top two spots for the week of March 24-30 as well:

  1. American Idol - Tuesday (Fox), 11.5/18.
  2. American Idol - Wednesday (Fox), 10.8/16.
  3. Law & Order (NBC), 10.7/18.
  4. Friends (NBC), 10.5/17.
  5. Law & Order: SVU (NBC), 10.5/19.
  6. Survivor: Amazon Special (CBS), 10.1/16.
  7. Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS), 10/15.
  8. Law and Order: Criminal Intent (NBC), 9.6/14.
  9. 60 Minutes (CBS), 9.1/15.
  10. Celine in Las Vegas (CBS), 9.1/14.

[via MediaPost]

by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03    

Miller Lite Catfight Ad Gets 'Grand Ugly' Award

In infamous Miller Lite Catfight spot that aired earlier this year has won an award. What award could this spot possibly win? Well, the Advertising Women of New York's annual Good, Bad and Ugly Awards has bestowed upon the spot it's 'Grand Ugly' award. The award is given to the ad that portrays women in the most offensive manner.

Be that as it may, that spot has created some serious awareness for the brand. Whether that awareness is helpful or hurtful to the brand is another story.

The spot was just fun. No one can take a joke anymore these days.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03    

Intruiging But Fake Radio Promo

You have to love radio for its promotional abilities. Except when they go wildly wrong such as the Opie and Anthony Sex in the Church Scandal.

But here we have a harmless promo done by Liverpool's Radio City. The DJ said the first 50 girls to stand in front of the Yellow Submarine would receive racing tickets and the first 20 would receive a hospitality package.

Well, being April 1st, it was a joke. What better excuse to get a bunch of women to wear bikinis in the cold? We all know how much better the cold makes those certain body parts of a lady look:-)


by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03