Neilsen Announces New Qualitative TV Ratings Partnership

NEW YORK, April 1, 2003 -- Scarborough Research and Nielsen Media Research announced today that they have partnered to offer the NSI Profiler�a new qualitative television rating which combines Nielsen Station Index � (NSI) ratings with Scarborough�s qualitative consumer indices.

This combination of Scarborough�s premier qualitative information with the NSI rating � the currency for television audience measurement � enables users to take lifestyle, shopping preference, and other consumer behaviors into account when determining the propensity of a viewer to tune into certain television programs. The NSI Profiler is available through Scarborough�s PRIME NExT data analysis software to all clients who subscribe to both Scarborough Research and Nielsen�s local ratings service.

�In a world where media choices are seemingly limitless, an in-depth understanding of the local television viewer is vital for competing in today�s economy,� said Bob Cohen, president, Scarborough Research. �The creation of this qualitative rating will add a new dimension to the buying and selling process and ultimately improve our client�s return on their investment. As a response to marketplace demands, we are pleased to bring this new measure to our users.�

�The ability to create this new qualitative information is a result of the partnership we forged with Scarborough in 2002,� said Jack Oken, general manager of local service, Nielsen Media Research. �This was the next logical step in advancing our clients� qualitative service. We are pleased to offer our local clients this enhancement.�


by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-03   Click to Comment   

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