Nike got LeBron James. Reebok Gets 3 1/2 Year Old Kid

Nike laid out $90,000,000 for LeBron James to be the sneaker companies mascot for who knows how long. Well, Reebok one upped that and got three and one half year old Mark Walker, budding basketball star.The cost? A college trust fund.

According to a USAToday article, Reebok found Walker in a video tape that his parents sent to the company. Reebok will feature Walker in an ad showing him sinking 18 shots in a row at his home. The ad will be part of a campaign asking, "Do You Have a Mark Walker in Your Family?" Consumers are asked to send in tapes of child sports stars and Reebok might turn it into a television special.

Read the USAToday article here. Check out the Mark Walker website here. And thanks to Adland for tipping this one.


by Steve Hall    May-29-03    

Why Men Don't Ask Directions

Now you can wonder all you want about why guys never want to stop and ask directions but this spot will give you the definitive answer. It's not easy asking anybody anything these days without some fairly dire consequences occurring. This advertiser has the answer for all you "direction challenged" guys out there. Thanks to Viralmeister for this.

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by Steve Hall    May-29-03    

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