The Two Hour Car Commercial

When you go see the Miramax film, The Green Hornet, in Summer 2005, what you will be watching is basically a two hour car commercial for the automotive manufacturer that ponies up $35 million for the right to star in the as yet, unwritten film. Because the movie has not yet been written, the automotive manufacturer that signs the deal is likely to have great influence over the story line and the usage of the vehicle in the movie. And do you think any car marketer is just going to let their car hang out in the background when they can write it's way into the foreground?

Done right, this could be the greatest achievement of advertainment in a long time. Done wrong, it will be an annoying two hour long car commercial filled with ubiquitous, obvious and annoying close ups of the vehicle. Whoever does this, please do it right. [via AdAge]


by Steve Hall    May-26-03   Click to Comment   

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