Undress the Beer, Undress the Babe

One thing is a certainty in advertising. Beer and sexy women go hand in hand. What is there really to say about beer? It has bubbles? It makes you drunk? Of course not. It makes you (men) a sexually powerful, deleriously desireable hottie for the babes to drool over while they cater to your every sexual need. That's what beer does. So here's another beer commericial in this great tradition. This time, it's from Molson promoting the new "super-premium" A Marca Bavaria beer, an import from Brazil. Like the spots we have seen from Miller, this one featues a barely dressed female catering to the dreams and fantasies of grown men.

In this particular spot, we have two guys sitting on a beach. One pulls a beer out of a cooler and magically, a beer babe emerges from the sea wearing a very tiny string thong bikini, water dripping off her body in that beer commercial way. As the guy moves the bottle, he realizes that the beer babe moves with it. He spins the bottle around and she spins around giving him full view of her perfect ass in nothing but a thong. He tips the beer sideways and she gets down on all fours. And, now that he realizes he has total control over his fantasy babe, he begins to peel the label of the beer bottle off. And what do you think the beer babe starts to take of? You'll just have to watch the spot to find out.

Predictably, women are complaining. "I'm sure Molson will say they're attempting humour, because in the end the woman doesn't actually do it, but that final shot doesn't take away from all the stereotypical images we've already seen. The guys are actually pulling strings for her to take off her clothes for their enjoyment," said Melanie Cishecki, executive director of MediaWatch, a Canadian organization working to reduce sexism in the media.

Call it sexist for portraying women as mere sexual objects for men's fantasies. But it is also stereotypical of men making guys look dumb and stupid, thinking about women and sex all the time. Thinking about women and sex all the time? Wait, that's not a stereotype, is it? View the spot here. (Click the TV image on the lower left) [via Montreal Gazette via Ad-Rag]

by Steve Hall    May-16-03   Click to Comment   

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