The Gay PUMA Ad

Here's another ad that pushes the limits. The PUMA ad was fake. This one is real. Although, all someone would have to do is add a little "white stuff" to this ad and would be just as "interesting" as those PUMA spoofs.

This is an actual ad for Patrick Cox Shoes that appeared in the U.K. magazine, i-D. The advertising standards body, a group that monitors ads for "decency" in the U.K., has banned the ad from running again as it was deemed to cause "serious offense" to people. Patrick Cox responded by explaining that ad really isn't all that offensive because, after all, the two men are wearing jockstraps that "made penetrative intercourse impossible".

If you have to explain an ads "decency" with that kind of explanation, then you have to wonder about it in the first place.

Thank to Ad-Rag for this.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-03    

Razor Magazine Separates Itself From the Competition

"There's no middle ground for the 20-something past his frat-house years but not yet at the point where he's going to be buying those suits. We embrace success and independence in a way that is, hopefully, mature and thoughtful. When you're 19 years old, maybe you need an article on '20 ways to bring a woman to orgasm.' But when you get towards the end of your 20s, hopefully you're a little beyond that."

That's what publisher, Richard Botto, in a MediaPost article, wants us to realize about Razor Magazine. It's not part of the Maxim, FHM category yet it isn't part of the GQ, $3,000 suit category either. While the magazine does continue to drench it's covers with barley clothed women, Razor's articles are quite a bit more serious than your typical lad mag.

"We don't buy into the prevailing thought that men are mental midgets who are incapable of reading a 5,000-word article," Botto says. "People buy magazines to be entertained, and I'm not saying that other men's magazines aren't entertaining. But I think there's a place in the market for a magazine that aims substantially higher."

I think this is a good place for Razor to be. Men will always be men and will always want to see beautiful women wearing next to nothing or nothing at all. That's just part of our biology and that's not going to change. However, men do actually posses levels of intelligence and a thirst for knowledge beyond knowing the ever changing bra size of Pamela Anderson. So, if a magazine can show me sexy women and contain intellectually stimulation articles, I'm all over it.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-03    

Ramp Magazine Gets a Makeover

Ramp Magazine, the magazine that "recognizes that a man�s world expands beyond beer and beautiful women", is getting a face lift and an editorial refocusing according to publisher, Richard Amann.

"[The laddie mags] do what they do really well - why try to emulate that?" he asks rhetorically. "But there's a void once that reader ages a little bit, and that's where we want to be. We want to be the first into that unoccupied space."

So, does that mean that there will be no bikinis and cleavage? I didn't think so. [Via MediaPost]


by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-03    

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