Advertising to Babies

Marketers just can't get them early enough. The cocophony of advertising is starting at an ever younger age as marketers try to build brand loyaly early. Procter and Gamble is now marketing its toilet tissue, Charmin, to kids 2-4 in a children's book. That's right, P & G is publishing a book that features the cartoon bear from the advertising campaign and will reference key words used in the ad campiagn in the book.

I suppose the "target market" is ripe for P & G's message. With most 2-4 years olds joyously exclaiming, "Daddy, I went poopy in the tiolet!" with the glee usually reserved for getting their favorite toy at Christmas, the message will surely resonate appropriately.

Do we really need to have a toilet paper preference at age 2?

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-03   Click to Comment   

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