People Love Adrants!

I just have to self-conratulate for a minute. I can't help myself!

"Why would you passively absorb the ubiquitous inanity known as advertising when you could blog about it? Steve Hall pulls together the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy found floating around in the commercial media and shares the love over at Adrants. For someone who's in the business, he ain't afraid to pull his punches."
- Veer

"One of the most comprehensive advertising blogs I've come across is Steve Hall's adrants page. A media director at the RDW Group, Providence, R.I., Hall maintains a regularly updated, well-designed site. On the left side of his blog you'll find commentary on recent advertising-related news stories, while in the right-hand column, Hall has compiled an extensive list of links to advertising related news sites, industry resources, and other advertising bloggers."
- Shoot Online

"Let me tell you, it rocks!"
- Bitter from The Bitch Girls

"I gotta tell you that you're about the best commentator on the biz that I know -- even better than Stuart Elliott, who is the top advertising writer in my view."
- Mark Smyka, Canadian Advertising Journalist


by Steve Hall    Jun-19-03   Click to Comment   

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