Britney and Madonna Suck Face at MTV Video Music Awards

Facial Suckage at MTV's VMA

As previously reported Thursday, Madonna and Britney did, in fact, suck a little face in the opening act of MTV's Video Music Awards. Christina Aquilera, stepping in for J.Lo who gave a lame excuse and bailed, also got a kiss from Madonna during the trio's performance of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and "Hollywood."

While the three grooved, you could sense the tension between Britney and Justin who watched the kiss stonefaced. Strangely, Justin won for his Cry Me A River, the song about Britney. It would have been even better entertainment if Britney, Christina, and Justin got up on stage and performed together. Perhaps wearing boxing gloves.

Later in the show, Big Booty girl Beyonce, dropped in head first and shook it with about 50 other booty babes.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Aug-28-03  
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