Armani Launches Ad Campaign With Owls

Do I Look Cool? Owls Replace Models inNew Ad Campaign

Eschewing the usual near naked models, Giorgio Armani is launching a campaign for Armani Eyewear using owls.

"The fashion industry is often guilty of taking itself too seriously," Armani said of the campaign. "It therefore seems appropriate to launch the first Safilo manufactured Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani eyewear collections with ironic advertising campaigns, which will get noticed because they break from this tradition."

The campaign will be underscored with the tagline, "Daywear for Night Owls"

Giorgio himself will also be featured in another campaign for one of the eyeglass lines with the tagline, "Eyewear from Giorgio Armani". Gee, that's groundbreaking.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03   Click to Comment   

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