Paper Towel Makers Bitch About Absorbency

Ignorant of the fact consumer's don't give a crap over a few drops of liquid, P&G's Bounty and Georgia-Pacific's Brawny have engaged in a bitch-fest over the absorbancy rates of their paper towels. Apparently P&G's claim that Bounty absorbs 30 ML in spills is not sitting well with G-P's Brawny. G-P complains, "What P&G does not reveal in its advertising is that with a slightly larger spill, more than 31 ML, Bounty may drip. Similarly, P&G does not reveal that with a slightly smaller spill, as much as 26 ML, the Brawny towel may not drip."

Over $50 million per year is spent bitching back and forth about absorbancy rates. I bet every single one of you could come up with a better, more productive cause on which to spend $50 million.

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-03    

Ad Campaign Uses Marijuana to Promote Cell Phone Service

Sonet's "new bouquet" cell plan

Non-standard (not GSM) Russian cell phone company Sonet is promoting its services using a billboard campaign that prominently features marijuana. Intended as humor, the 50 board campaign asks consumers to sample Sonet's "new bouquet". Sonet Commercial Director Anastasia Markovich says the campaign does not promote drugs and is intended for those "who have a sense of humor, whose thinking doesn't fit the status quo and who have a vivid imagination."

The company has plans to extend the campaign to the Internet as well as weed-themed television programming. Thanks to Adrants reader Njee for the tip on this.

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-03    

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