'In The Moment' Media Buying

MediaLife's George Simpson discusses an interesting media buying strategy AIG is implementing right now. The company has purchased time only in the overtime portion of professional and college football assuming viewership will be at its highest during that crucial segment of the games. Calling this "circumstantial spot buying," George suggests several scenarios:

  • Kleenex targeting shows where a loved one dies unexpectedly or a bride is left at the altar, or where the Cubs blow yet another lead in the late innings. (The NY Giants broadcasts are already sold out to a suicide help line.)
  • Used car dealers buying spots on news programs that report on corporate executives going to jail, forced to auction off their personal assets to cover massive fines. Hey, everybody likes a bargain.
  • The Episcopal Church grabbing up shows where girls talk to God or weird carnival guys heal crippled kids. Why not be there with a welcoming message when viewers ponder, "Humm, maybe there is a God."

He goes on to suggest McDonald's get in on the action finding shows where the phrase, "I'm loving It" is uttered and to do so before the campaign dies a fast death. He's got a lot more suggestions to. They're funny but they are not all crazy either.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-03    

Jose Cuervo Launches First Spanish-Language Ad Campaign

Jose Cuervo Especial

The highlight of Amy Corr's MediaPost Out To Launch column this week is a brand new print and radio campaign from Jose Cuervo International. This campaign is the first time the company has created a Spanish-Language ad campaign in the U.S. Work was done by Arnell Group. Other new campaigns this week include a humorous branding campaign for LaSalle Bank, a campaign for software maker Alias Systems by Bates Canada, a poster style print campaign for Domain Ste. Michelle by DDB Seattle, a B to B campaign promoting the merits of advertising online with Forbes.com, an Advertising Council PSA campaign for the EPA to inform parents about asthma by Kaplan Thaler Group and a campaign for Adelphia Communications promoting the cable provider's new pricing structure.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-03    

The New Mazda RX8 Does Not Like Parking Tickets

Don't You Even Try!

Pity the poor meter maid -oh that's so sexist - or, in this case, meter bobby, or whatever they call parking ticket writers in England, who tries to place a parking ticket on Mazda's new RX8. This new commercial shows us an automotive feature we'd all like to have.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-03    

'Coupling' Star Rena Sofer Looks For Ratings

"Coupling" star Rena Sofer was on Howard Stern this morning hyping the show asking listeners to check it out. The series, which was supposed to be a smash hit has delivered less than expected performance and network executives are surely pondering the shows future. Sofer assured listeners the series will continue.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-03    

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