Madison Avenue's Mania for Metrosexuals Misplaced

George Simpson writes in MediaLife about Madison Avenue's ridiculous pursuit of the so-called "metrosexual" saying "A metrosexual is nothing more than a guy who finally figured out he'd get laid a lot more with a haircut, clean fingernails, his shirttail tucked in, and thus empowered, able to entrap dates in his apartment by cooking them meals."

He says Madison Avenue has forced us to "endure this fiction that metrosexuals are an important new marketing niche squeezed, tweezed and teased somewhere between gay men, and the "hysterical heterosexuality of tits, beer, sports, cars, and fart-lighting."

He claims the media has gone too far in trying to cater to this very small target group when me simply do not care about looking good and shopping saying, "Unlike women, whose lives are often caught in cyclical indecision while considering every possible option before making a choice, men are utterly linear in the buying process. See it. My size? Not a bad color. A third off? In the bag."

Even more scathing to marketers who foist this on us is this statement: "We (men) are simply not at the dawn of a new age in which men, suddenly in touch with their feminine sides, redefine what it means sartorially to be men. Rather we are caught in a trendy dust devil spawned by the gaseous hope of Madison Avenue that men will become voracious consumers of all sorts of upscale crap they don't need or particularly want."

Take that, Madison Avenue.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct-16-03  
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