Paper Towel Makers Bitch About Absorbency

Ignorant of the fact consumer's don't give a crap over a few drops of liquid, P&G's Bounty and Georgia-Pacific's Brawny have engaged in a bitch-fest over the absorbancy rates of their paper towels. Apparently P&G's claim that Bounty absorbs 30 ML in spills is not sitting well with G-P's Brawny. G-P complains, "What P&G does not reveal in its advertising is that with a slightly larger spill, more than 31 ML, Bounty may drip. Similarly, P&G does not reveal that with a slightly smaller spill, as much as 26 ML, the Brawny towel may not drip."

Over $50 million per year is spent bitching back and forth about absorbancy rates. I bet every single one of you could come up with a better, more productive cause on which to spend $50 million.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct-14-03  
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