Adbumb Rants About Adrants' AD:Tech Adbumb Rant

The Adspyre Crew Kicks Back at the Adbumb Party

Adrants is now officially infamous having been mentioned in an article by Adspyre's Tia Fix in this week's Adbumb newsletter. Reporting on the AD:Tech trade show, I wrote a little story, called Adbumb Booth Babes Beg For Attendance, commenting on the attention-getting AdBumb women promoting their business and handing out invites to their AD:Tech after-party. Tia didn't like my wording of the headline all that much asking, "What does begging for attendance mean? Is this a pun? Begging? Were we really begging? How does setting up a booth and a table and handing out literature set ourselves apart from all the other exhibitors." Fair enough. Every exhibitor, in order to set themselves apart from others, needs to attract attention in one way or another and Adbumb did a great job of that.

Reacting further to my article, Tia added, "The point being that sexually lewd content, or suggestive titles, have always caught the public's attention. It's a trick that's as old as the trade. I personally feel the efforts of the Adbumb/Adspyre staff went above and beyond those briefly mentioned in various blogs, and the overall marketing impact of the company and our services was phenomenal."

Yes and yes. Yes, being sexually lewd and suggestive is all about what I do when I write headlines for Adrants mostly because it's fun and I don't have an editor telling me I can't. And yes, Adbumb did achieve marketing brilliance with their presence at the show and sponsorship of the official AD:Tech Party. Not a sole in attendance could have missed the Adbumb booth.

And yes, my headline was a pun. A play on words. I can't help myself, Tia. It's too much fun. It's all good. We're all friends.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Nov-20-03  
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