Audio Ads Take on Self Serve Gas Pumps

Pump Me, Hear Me

The next time you pump gas, there might now be a reason to hold the nozzle yourself rather than stuffing your wallet or gas cap under it to keep the pump running. That is, if you like listening to advertising. DirectCast Network, a Midland Michigan company, has completed a trial of a new, radio network-based, gas pump entertainment/ad delivery system which presents two minute audio segments, with 4 15-20 second commercial breaks, right from the pump to the consumer's ears. Trials have been held in Detroit, Lansing. West Palm Beach and Dallas. Launch is scheduled for Spring in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Ads can be placed either network-wide or on a station by station basis for about $400 per ad, per station, per month at four nozzles per station. Charter advertisers included Mercedes, Nestle's Dairy Queen, Budget Tire, Pepsi, Burger King and U.S. Army.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-03   Click to Comment   

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