Babylon 5 to Return to Television

For all the Sci-Fi fans out there, a continuation of cult favorite Babylon 5 appears to be in development and may air as soon as next year according to creator and producer J. Michael Straczynski.

"On the B5 front, there has been something of rather substantial proportion that's finally gone from talk to money, such that I'm now working frantically to meet some deadlines,' Straczynski posted on his web site's message board. 'But there's nothing I can say about this until after January 15th, probably closer to the end of that month."

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-03    

Bigger Breasts Apparently Better For Brand

Following the breast augmentation craze in humans, Irish airline Ryanair has decided it needs a bigger bra size as well. Ryanair CEO Mike O'Leary said the current flying angel logo was too flat chested and ordered the breast enhancement for the entire line of its 737-800 fleet. Not missing a beat, a Ryanair spokesman said, "We decided to give our customers a more uplifting experience. We think she is rather aerodynamic."
by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-03    

New Magazine Launches to Serve Gay Professionals

Debuting in January with an initial circulation of 50,000 in the top 10 U.S. markets is Echelon, a bi (now that's funny) -monthly magazine developed for gay and lesbian professionals. No, not that kind of professional but the kind that goes to the office every day and gets a weekly paycheck, not cash at the end of the night.

The magazine is seen as an increasing sign of alternative lifestyles in the workplace today by media analysts and will provide advertisers another channel to reach this audience segment. Echelon Publisher Michael Lamb said, "We want to be recognized for something other than our political advocacy, our partying and our entertainment. We do work every day, we do own businesses and we do pay taxes."

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-03    

Playboy's Last Gasp: High Definition Television

Playboy is embracing its fading glory in style with the launch of a new digital high-definition cable channel which will now allow us all to see that fading glory even more clearly.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-03    

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