Peanut Butter in a Coffee Can, New Form of Advertising

What's This? CoffeeNutter?

Adrants has uncovered another form of the ever expanding "blank-vertising" stunts that seem to be happening on a monthly basis now. This time, it's "replacevertising" or the art of jamming one's product inside another thus gaining all kinds of publicity through news coverage.

West Virginia resident Mary Rickard returned from the grocery store and opened a can of Maxwell House coffee only to find a jar of Jif peanut butter jammed inside. Whether an honest mistake or a co-marketing ploy for publicity, officials at both Jif and Kraft-owned Maxwell House claim to have no knowledge of how this could occur.

"This is very unusual, and we don't know at this point what happened," said Kraft spokesman Abbe Serphos. "Nothing like this has ever happened before, certainly in regards to peanut butter."

But Abbe, that sounds like it's happened with other products already. Is this a new Kraft marketing scheme? If so, do tell us more because it's brilliant PR.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-03   Click to Comment   

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