PVR's to Become Primary Television Advertising Platform

Personal Video Recorders, the functionality TiVo, Replay, and some cable companies use to record programming, are predicted to be in use by three million people by year end and by 10 million by end of 2005. Currently, advertisers have a love/hate relationship with the technology and hate is winning out over love. Advertisers are loathe to cede viewing control to consumers who, using the technology, may opt to skip all commercials. Smarter marketers realize the PVR will allow for ad campaigns that are customizable to niche target audiences and will provide campaign effectiveness measurement never before available on television.

Viewing scenarios will expand to include multiple options for the consumer when presented with a commercial such as these using a movie ad as the example:

  • Skip the ad ("I have no interest in this movie; remember and don't show me this ad again")
  • What do the critics say? ("Tell me what my favorite three critics think of this")
  • I want to watch this movie now. ("This looks great! Where is it playing and when? Buy me tickets.")
  • Remind me later ("This looks like a good movie, but I'll catch it on DVD; add it to my NetFlix list")

Avtrex, a company with methods to improve PVR technology to the benefit of marketers, consumers and programmers, has an informative report on how PVR's will dramatically alter the television viewing landscape. Yes, they sent it to Adrants and yes, they want readers of Adrants who are exploring the potential of PVR advertising to read it and perhaps consider their technology. If you are at all interested in the future of television advertising, it's worth the read.

by Steve Hall    Dec-15-03   Click to Comment   

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