The Britney, Beyonce, Pink Gladiator Spot

Watch it here. Or here on the U.K. Pepsi site. I don't know how long it will be posted here but catch it while you can since, contrary to what's been reported in a few places, it's not airing during the Super Bowl. Personally, I don't think it's all that great. It's just a big expensive production. The girls look good though. It's 29.7 MB. Via thatsjustnotright.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-04    

Dodge Pulls Out of Lingerie, Inserts 'Circus Maximus'

Damn! Why Did You Pull Out?

So what does a big advertiser do after they pull out themselves out of a promo that might be too risqu� for their image? They insert themselves into another equally risqu� promotion. Dodge cancelled its Lingerie Bowl sponsorship but is keeping its Maxim magazine "Circus Maximus" promotion.

The circus-like event, held this weekend in Houston, will be sponsored by Dodge as well as by Sony, Coors and Allied Domecq and be attended by 1,500 private guests. The event will feature Dodge's new Magnum wagon pulling a circus cage full of hot chicks dressed as lions and tigers. How is this sponsorship less racy or less damaging to the brand then the Lingerie Bowl sponsorship? Oh, who cares. It'll be hot and who said marketing decision where logical?

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-04    

Yeaaaaaagh! Howard Dean Fires Marketing Manager

Howard "scream" Dean is firing his marketing manager. Not that any marketing manager could clean up the mess left behind by Dean's concession speech antics, but apparently someone has to go. Joe Trippi, who has managed Dean's marketing for the past year is getting the boot. Dean hopes to over haul his image and his chances at getting back into the race. Is there a word stronger than skeptical to describe consensus surrounding Dean's chances?

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-04    

CBS Explains Advocacy Advertising Policy

CBS has posted its Statement on Advocacy Advertising to clarify its position surrounding the latest battle between the network and over airing an "anti-Bush" commercial.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-04    

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