Eatmail Announces Best Viral Advertising Clips of 2003

Eatmail, a UK viral community has announced the top ten viral clips of the year. The winner this year is the spoof Mastercard blowjob spot featured here earlier. Here are all the winners:

  • Priceless (MasterCard)
  • Terry Tate (Reebok)
  • Lord of the Piercing (MTV Film Awards)
  • Bollocks (VW)
  • Earth (Greenpeace)
  • Kylie Wet T-Shirt (unknown)
  • Pigeon (Ford)
  • No Nonsense (John Smiths)
  • Sex Olympics (Trojan)
  • Star Wars Kid (His brother)

The winning Mastercard clip is a spoof of the classic MasterCard Priceless campaign that took the end of a romantic date that little bit further. Over 1.6m people worldwide rated the clip as the best viral clip.

The spoof was conceived, directed and filmed by Scott Quigley, a final year film student studying on the east coast of America. When asked about the clip; what motivated him to make it; and being nominated as Eatmail's favorite clip of 2003, he replied. "This is all very flattering and a great compliment. I did the short in film school when I had to think of things that were economical and, wanting to get into commercials, it was the natural thing to do. Someone sent me an old email joke; I edited down the basic punch lines to a script and then filmed it in one night. I never imagined the incredible response it would get."

You can view all the spots/clips here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jan- 6-04  
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